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Vipro Slim Gold (Slimming Capsule) price list:

Generic Vipro Slim Gold - 100mg
Shape and color of the pill may differ from the image.
Brand name Generic name Dosage Quantity Price per item Price Order
Vipro Slim Gold Vipro Slim Gold 100mg 60 1.42 85.1
Vipro Slim Gold Vipro Slim Gold 100mg 120 1.00 120
Vipro Slim Gold Vipro Slim Gold 100mg 180 0.87 156.6

Generic Vipro Slim Gold (Slimming Capsule)

Vipro Slim Gold is a 100% natural herbal supplement used as an appetite suppressant which works to increase metabolism, suppress appetite, burns calories and increases energy.

Benefits of using Vipro Slim Gold:

  • Effectively aids weight loss in an all-natural way;
  • Works as an appetite suppressant and takes away cravings;
  • Boosts metabolism and burns fat and calories;
  • Gives you an energy boost;
  • Active ingredient pineapple extract offers many health benefits.

Each hard Gelatine capsule contains:

  • Lotus Leaf Extract- 100mg
  • Grean Tea Plant Extract - 100mg
  • Daikon Seed (Raphanus Sativus) - 50mg
  • Tamal Gamboge - 50mg
  • Green Coffe Bean Extract - 100mg
  • Pineapple Extract - 100mg
  • Kokam (Garcinia Indica) - 25mg

Directions for usage:

Take one Vipro Slim Gold Capsule 3 times a day, 30 minutes before each meal, wit a full glass of water. Take 3 capsules for best results. You can increase to a maximum of 4 capsules per day. Don't exceed the recommended daily dose.Due to the natural diuretic properties of the ingredients in Vipro Slim Gold you should drink at least 1.5 litres of water per day.

How does Vipro Slim work?

Vipro Slim Gold contains a unique mix of Chinese herbs, which have been clinically proven to aid weight loss. Each of these all-natural ingredients effectively helps in its own unique way. Their benefits include speeding up metabolism, which helps burn calories and fat, and suppressing your appetite to reduce food intake and cravings. With pineapple extract as one of its active ingredients, Vipro Slim Gold also helps with the removal of toxins and offers a host of additional health benefits.

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